How to Make a BLUEBERRY Face Mask | Treat Yourself with Skyler

We know blueberries are a SUPERFOOD, but are they super when it comes to your beauty routine? Skyler is getting a blueberry detox FACIAL (and making one at home!) on this weekโ€™s #TreatYourself!

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18 Replies to “How to Make a BLUEBERRY Face Mask | Treat Yourself with Skyler”

  1. Just eat the blueberries ย and absorb their nutrients. You will age and look old no matter what you do. It'sย  called science. Use lemon rinds (something you won't eat) on your face instead. Full of vitamin C. Either way, ย and no matter what you do, time will give you wrinkles and you will ageย no matter what. Just don't forget to moisturize. And embrace nature and aging. It's unavoidable and a part of life.

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