How to Make Flour Tortillas

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50 Replies to “How to Make Flour Tortillas”

  1. Looooooove this recipe, i did it 3 times in the last week! <3 I would love if you did other recipes for "breads around the world", like naan bread or pita bread (which i can't find here – i'm Italian). Love you <3

  2. Those look delicious. I really appreciate how you tie your hair back or up when you're cooking. It freaks me out when some women have huge long hair and it's all over their chest when they're cooking

  3. I do similar with my son. Sometimes it's an empty bowl with a measuring cup, sometimes it's bowls with coloured water (science right?), sometimes if I'm chopping stuff I give him a board with already chopped stuff. Sometimes he paints or colours too.

  4. Laura, I’m gonna try these at home, they look incredible 😍 I’m wondering if I could use a cast iron pan or do I have to buy a non stick pan? Because I’m assuming I shouldn’t use any oils in the pan. Please reply so I can get cookin’! 😄🌯👩🏻‍🍳

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