How to Make Ina’s Guacamole | Food Network

Ina Garten feels strongly about guacamole, and it shows in this recipe.

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29 Replies to “How to Make Ina’s Guacamole | Food Network”

  1. I love Ina and her recipes! But sorry No Hot Sauce, No Garlic, and No Red Onion, no onion whatsoever. Id love to try this anyway but I disagree with her Guac philosophy. All you need are the basics for it to have lots of flavor: lime or lemon juice, salt and pepper, that's it. Cilantro and Diced Tomatoes are optional. And keeping the seed in the avocado, if you want to save the other half, DOES slow down the browning.

  2. Lemon juice rather than lime juice.
    Tabasco sauce rather than chiles.
    NO cilantro.

    This is NOT guacamole. This is New York avocado dip.

    I've heard Ina say she doesn't like cilantro because it tastes like laundry soap.
    So there you have it, folks. Ina has lowkey admitted to eating Tide Pods.

  3. Oh my!  This is sooo easy.  I have never had Guacamole, dip or otherwise, but I am going to the market this afternoon and purchase everything for this recipe.  I can't wait to try this.  You make me WANT to try this. Thank you so much! 

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