How to Make Katie’s Grandma’s Logan County Burgers | Food Network

It’s like a grilled cheese with a burger stuffed inside! πŸ§€ Katie Lee shares her Grandma’s burger recipe that will give you the #MeatSweats.


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21 Replies to “How to Make Katie’s Grandma’s Logan County Burgers | Food Network”

  1. For a "how to" video, this is pretty lacking. No description of the burger toppings is given. She's rambling on about other things but doesn't say out loud once how she layers the burger together.

  2. Why does she always mention that she eats in sweats? So what, don't we all? And really, it's a little too precious, having her dog "comment" in a balloon. It's bad enough that the poor pooch has to endure Katie Lee's dorky comments.

  3. We wish Katie would do a show focused on vegetarian/vegan and healthy food, wouldn't have to eliminate all meat necessarily, but how many shows showcase meat and BACON constantly. The show would be a big hit.

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