How to Make Rachael's Mexican Lasagna | Food Network

Rachael’s making a south-of-the-border take on a classic favorite: lasagna.

This video is part of 30 Minute Meals, hosted by Rachael Ray.

Would you believe you can make impressive and delectable meals at home in less time than it takes to get takeout? Let Rachael Ray show you how easy it can be. From comfort food to sophisticated fare for entertaining, Rachael promises that her dazzling dishes will never take more than 30 minutes to make, from start to finish. Now you can put great food on the table, and still have time to enjoy your family, friends or tackle that home improvement project you’ve been waiting to get your hands on.

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14 Replies to “How to Make Rachael's Mexican Lasagna | Food Network”

  1. If you cook this in mexico you would get shot…i dont see anything mexican about this…first of all everything is canned or bagged…in Mexico we kill the animal stright from our bag yard and we make our cheese fresh and the sause is made by scratch from our chile plants not cand😂😂😂what a joke …this isnt a cooking show its just canned food

  2. My husband makes something similar but it’s vegetarian and he does a wonderful job. He usually starts it with corn tortillas at the bottom. Tastes better than flour tortillas.

  3. I’m Mexican and this is an abomination. I’m surprised that for being a cooking show she uses a lot of cans and bags of stuff instead of preparing them from scratch.

    Cheddar cheese is in no way or form part of the Italian or Mexican cuisine

    Her 2019 version is even worse, she uses Rotel canned tomatoes, paprika and “Mexican blended cheese” (whatever that is).

    I don’t know if she has been in Mexico before but you’ll NEVER see anybody using those ingredients, she might have fallen into the wrong idea that whatever flavor paprika gives to the meat is Mexican flavor, nothing is further from the truth

  4. All of you uptight Mexicans getting pissed off because this isn't "real" Mexican. Who the eff cares! It's not like the people that watch Rachael Ray are ambassadors to Hispanic people. white people have every right to make whatever shitty food they want. It's THEIR food. I'm Mexican and I couldn't care less what international foods white people make. Why? Well because I'm kind of concerned with my own damn kitchen. 

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