I Ate Like the Royal Family (feat. Lazarus Lynch) 👑Experimental Eats

Is eating like the Royal Family as glamorous as it sounds?

Lazarus Lynch finds out when he eats like a king for a day! 🇬🇧👑

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18 Replies to “I Ate Like the Royal Family (feat. Lazarus Lynch) 👑Experimental Eats”

  1. Meaghan came out with a cookbook recently and you could totally share recipes. I’m sure you’ll have her on the show as she loves cooking and she’s not camera shy one bit. Hehe

  2. Dude this was hilarious. You gave the Brits something to talk about. I know think the royals really eat a full English but hey. Btw You should have explained clotted cream. Any who, I want to see you eat like THE ROCK or Jason Mamoa.

  3. You forgot the sauteed mushrooms on the full English, you didn't have lunch (served before tea), the 'explanation' of the royal family was ridiculous and just a time waster. This was a ridiculous show, likely not anywhere near the royal fam's actual eating which I was genuinely curious about. No thanks.

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