Ina Garten's Chocolate Pecan Scone Recipe | Food Network

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  1. I'm so frustrated..I followed your recipe on your video step by step..watching it as I baked and the dough stayed very wet and melted into cookies as they baked. I followed along exactly but the dough did not pop out of the mixing bowl as it was too wet. I did use cold butter etc. and have the same mixer as yours. HELP!!

  2. Love 💕 Ina and how she makes everything look so easy! Always creative and unique food with simple and easy to follow presentations. Bless you dear Ina! Another winner!

  3. Ina, I have watched you since you began on the Food Network. Love your books, thank you for this episode, I need a little normalcy right about now. God Bless, be safe… a friend from Puerto Rico

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