Italian Savory Easter Pie (Torta Pasqualina) | Episode 1244

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  1. Laura, you mention frozen spinach. Costco sells large bags of fresh spinach. Now I'm not sure how old this video is, so you may know this already. I just wanted to mention it.

  2. Hey Laura! I haven't watched one of your videos in a while. How are you and that beautiful baby doing? Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. This recipe looks delicious!

  3. Laura, I made this last week and it was absolutely delicious! I didn't add the extra eggs, but did add sauteed mushrooms to the spinach mixture. The leftovers we had for breakfast and we didn't get tired of it at all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You cook great meals Laura I love your recipes so much I could waste any of my time to try them all!!! And your not one of those who are curious about measurements your perfect , you know what your doing which I really like about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤪

  5. I've made an Italian Easter "pie" something like yours a couple times, but I used a yeast dough crust, some Italian lunch meats and used a spring-form pan. I wish I could have seen you remove yours from the one piece baking pan!

    Your Easter pie looked terrific!

  6. thank you for sharing this fantastic recipe. i am going to make it tomorrow. i got la famiglia coming over and was wondering what to make for savoury starters. Could you also make the same crust to make it sweet with apple or pears for desert as well? By the way I have to say that you got the most lovely eyes. Wow I am hooked on your cooking. Hope you and your family had a great Pascua. Thanks again.

  7. My favorite food for 35 years. Now that I’m grown I make it myself, and boxed spinach is the ONLY way to go. I’ve even bought frozen in a bag, but that’s a nightmare to drain. You can squeeze the boxes much easier without losing spinach in the sink.

  8. Beautiful! You were an inspiration to start my own cooking and baking channel! I enjoy it very much and want to thank you for all the great video's you give us! greetings from The Netherlands 🙂

  9. Been waiting for this recipe like forever! Pascualina is so traditional where I'm from (Uruguay) and where I live (Argentina). And we call it just like in Italia too!

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