Japanese Pancakes – The Easy Way!

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28 Replies to “Japanese Pancakes – The Easy Way!”

  1. I guess you can also use a can of tuna by taking the top and bottom off for the mould that could work… Love your channel Laura, and so good to see your Italian ciao wave back at the beginning..lol

  2. I made ur wonderful tomato basil soup for my daughters b-day at her request. It’s now my fav and I make it at least 3x a month! I want to make these for my hubby’s b-day but I’m afraid I will like them too much😬

  3. Laura, do you and your fam listen to 80's italian disco hits? My family is polish but growing up my parents and relatives were obsessed with italian hits… I'm 33 now…. Certain italian songs just bring joy to my heart… I don't understand the words but the memories are there. Felicita? Or balla balla?

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