Jerk Chicken with Coconut Rice | Episode 1031

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  1. I boiled the coconut milk with pimentos, thyme, and a few green onions with chicken broth before adding the rice. It was so fragrant! Loved the chicken too! It's a keeper recipe. Thank you so much!

  2. Laura, you did very well. You're not from Jamaica, so you're obviously not gonna get it 100% right….It's just the same if you were to put a Jamaican to cook an Italian meal…Knowing myself and my fellow Jamicans, we would more than likely put our own "twist" to the recipe…

  3. Hey Laura here is a tip used in Caribbean & African kitchens, make slices in the chicken and marinade for as long as possible, it helps the marinade go in the chicken.

  4. Hi Laura, I'm Jamaican. I love how u put ur own twist on the classic. how we normally eat it here is with bread, because we usually buy it from a food vendor on the street straight from the jerk pan… but u should try the kidney beans (red peas)…. very traditional in Jamaica

  5. I tried out this recipe exactly like how she made it and I suggest adding one table spoon MORE of the coconut milk because I barely tasted coconut in the rice

  6. I'm a kid and I love to cook especially your recipes. My parents are both from China and I get to eat authentic Chinese food every day. If you make any Chinese food and I have an authentic recipe maybe I could share it with you.

  7. Nice take on this dish, Laura. I'm Latina and the way we make the rice is with green pigeon peas, like a few other people have said on here. You dice some onions and garlic and saute them in the pot with about 2 tablespoons of oil (i use EVOO). Then you add the pigeon peas (regular or canned) so that it soaks up the flavor, stirring them. If you like, you can then also add coconut flakes. After a few minutes, you then add one can's worth of coconut milk, add some salt to your taste and a spoonful or two of sugar to your liking, and stir for a minute or two so that it's well mixed. Then finally add the rice, cover and let it cook, giving it a stir once or twice throughout so that you make sure the peas are distributed evenly in the pot. Tastes like rice from the gods!

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