Last Minute Edible Gifts – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 858


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Whole Wheat Bread Recipe:


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28 Replies to “Last Minute Edible Gifts – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 858”

  1. I love this  I am going to make a Christmas Breakfast basket with your instant hot cocoa recipe and the pancakes one. I think its going to be the cutest thing and I am so excited to make it!! Thank you lovely and Merry Christmas <3

  2. I want to make the pancake mix for my house but I wonder if I also need to add butter or oil to the mix along with the milk and the egg? Most ready mix require it. Hope Laura or anybody that already made it can help me.

  3. Laura…I loved your version of mozzarella cheese sticks so much that I made thrm for my guests this Christmas. I've stocked a frozen lot of mozzarella sticks ready to be fried. As a give away gift offered them the same. Their kids loved them a lot. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Love you. ..

  4. Laura I liked cookies in a jar, rice krispies mini balls in a jar, chocolate dipped mini pretzels in a jar and instant coffee granules with cinnamon powder in a jar. Oh man what a great idea. Watching from Saint Anthony Idaho. Love the granola, pancake mix.

  5. Hee Laura, really love your video's over here in Holland! I have tried many of your recipes and you've given me a lot of insight in what flavours to combine and improvise with food that i have on hand. Here in Holland we have a tradition at sororities that if you turn 21 you have to give a large dinnerparty for your sororitysisters and your parents, so when I had my dinner last summer, quite a few things that I served were thanks to you! For example your Peach Sangria, Potatoe Gratin and Honey Glazed Ham, it was delicious! Can you maybe make a homemade iced tea recipe in the future? Bye!

  6. i really enjoy receiving homemade gifts, whether its food, or anything basically. I think its more personal and it shows that the person actually puts in some effort into your gift even if its inexpensive.

  7. Laura! You are the best and we love you so much! My partner Tan and I just love all the fabulous ideas you give us! He especially loves the granola idea. So we wish you and Joe a Merry Christmas! Isn't it The World is your OYSTER? Anyway we love you!

  8. Thanks so much for the great idea Laura! I live in Australia, and have never made granola or seen it as a gift, so wouldn't have thought of it otherwise! I ended up making a massive batch and packaged in cute jars to give everyone! I didn't follow a particular recipe (I'm not much of a recipe follower), but used my intuition and used a variety of nuts, seeds and fruit (and coconut oil – to please my health conscious friends) and it was delicious! Merry Christmas to you and Joe! xoxoxo

  9. I would say chocolate chip cookie mix. I think it's easier to add the liquid to ingredients that are already put together. Also when you use all your baked stuff up for Christmas, a chocolate chip cookie mix would come in handy on New years day. P.S. I like the bread idea,.. if people want to get away from the sweets

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