Low water supply in Swan River prompts state of emergency

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Published Sunday, January 28, 2018 11:12AM CST

Last Updated Sunday, January 28, 2018 12:24PM CST

The Town of Swan River has declared a local state of emergency due to its low water supply.

On the town’s website it states, “The Town of Swan River is experiencing a major break in it’s water pumping and distribution system and is instructing all residential and commercial properties to reduce water consumption.”

The water pressure has been reduced and at this time it’s expected the water supply will run out sometime Sunday, the town said.

The province tells CTV News it’s aware of the situation in Swan River but no request for assistance has been received.

As the town of Swan River rapidly starts to lose its water supply Mayor Glen McKenzie says city staff and crews are working to put a plan in place that will provide residents with information as to where they can get water and what procedures to follow.

The mayor said he first learned that a water main break happened around 8 p.m., Friday and crews have been working to isolate the problem.

“Right now there is water in the system,” mayor McKenzie said. “But there is no other water going into the system.”

McKenzie said once that reservoir is drained the town will be without water.

“The best estimate is that we will be out of water by supper time tonight.”

He said the local hospital Prairie Mountain Health may end up transferring patients to different facilities due to the lack of water.

He said unless something changes dramatically in the next few hour’s schools may be closed Monday

“Hopefully we can get this resolved before anything more dramatic happens.”

The Town of Swan River is approximately 500 km Northwest of Winnipeg with a population of nearly 4,000 people according to Statistics Canada.

At this time the town says there is not a boil water advisory in effect and the water is safe to drink but one is expected later on Sunday.

Residents are asked to call 204-734-8963 for further inquiry.

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