Luloff a real-life rock star

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Like every other successful candidate last night Matthew Luloff is savouring his victory in Orleans after defeating sixteen other city council candidates.

The new politician…is anything but an average politician; Luloff is a combat veteran…and real-life rock star performing with his band Mines and Hearts.

There’s really no better way to express myself” than with music, says the thirty-four year old – who fell in love with music in high school.

Now he’s ready for a different stage in the political arena. “It meant a lot to me. It was a very emotional moment” Luloff says of winning the seventeen-person race (by less than two percent) with twenty-three point eight percent of the vote.

Luloff says he’s proud to represent his neighbourhood, family and friends when he’s sworn in – in December.

“This is my community, this the place i grew up, this is where my wife Laura and I are starting our family.”

Mission accomplished, he says.

When he’s not talking politics or making music, Luloff hosts Veteran X, a podcast about the scars of real battles “What we start to see is a common thread that a lot of people are feeling the exact same way so basically what Veteran X tells you is you’re not alone.” As he prepares for new, political ones.

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