Mint Chocolate Stuffed Chocolate Cookies | Episode 1125

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36 Replies to “Mint Chocolate Stuffed Chocolate Cookies | Episode 1125”

  1. Congrats on your baby. May God bless you all. I had been offline for several months now and had no clue you were expecting. watched a video of yours from three months ago and you were a small belly. You held it well Laura. Great job hon.

  2. I'm in England and I'm pretty sure we don't have those mints here, could someone tell me if I could use after eights? Or can someone give me some suggestions on what else I could use. Thanks ♥

  3. Made these cookies and the office loved them 🙂 I actually had a bunch of peppermint bark left over so I chopped it really fine and put them on top of the cookies. So good. I definitely will be making these again next Christmas.

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