Mission’s Easter dinner feast for body and soul

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The Downtown Mission held it’s annual Easter luncheon, which is also an opportunity for fellowship.

“We’re bringing it up a notch for the holiday, but yeah we’re excited to share a meal with our family and our friends,” said the mssion’s executive director Ron Dunn.

The annual Easter Sunday luncheon at the mission is always a favourite for those who attend and there was something new on the menu with the donation of lamb.

“I like coming here to have lunch and talk to all the staff and that,” said Penny Smith.

It’s a chance for her to spend time with those she cares for most. “Some are my best friends,” she says.

“It’s just great that you have a place that you can belong right? We’re all here for different reasons and it doesn’t matter what they are,” Dunn said.

The meal is a chance to eat together like a family around the dinner table for those dealing with different hardships in life.

“Everyone needs to belong somewhere and to somebody and to know that they’re loved and cared for and so, that’s really the magic that happens here. You know of course, the food, the clothing, the shelter – all the things we do. Those are things we do. That’s not what we’re about.”

The spirit of Easter brings out people like Don St. Onge who hope to share their faith with those who may need their hearts lifted.

“I come here to pray and I go to church every day. I go to church every night. I pray for everybody you know, for their needs,” he said.

The occassion is a little more poignant following the Easter Sunday terrorist attack in Sri Lanka targeting three churches and four hotels, killing more than 200 people.

“It breaks your heart of course but it also reminds us that today is a day of forgiveness and today is day of rebirth,” Dunn said.


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