Moncton realtor dances ‘The Floss’ in bid to sell house

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MONCTON, N.B. — A New Brunswick realtor opted to think on his feet in a bid to sell a four-bedroom house near Moncton.

Dylan Mahaney, 27, dances around the house to the 1980s classic “Take On Me” in a sales video that’s gaining traction on Facebook.

Wearing a deadpan expression, Mahaney moves through the rooms of the house performing a dance colloquially known as “The Floss” — his arms swing from side to side, one in front of his body and one behind, as he sways his hips.

As of Saturday afternoon, the video had been viewed tens of thousands of times since it went up on Wednesday.

Mahaney says he’s surprised by the attention he’s recieved, but he’s happy the video seems to be a hit, adding that he plans to make similar videos in the future.

He says he has not yet recieved any offers for the four-bedroom house, which is on the market for a cool $319,000.


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