One Pot Lasagna Soup | Episode 1106

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38 Replies to “One Pot Lasagna Soup | Episode 1106”

  1. Hi Laura.Sharon Wise recommended you’re channel ,and I can see why .Your recipes look great,and easy to follow too,very important for me !So thanks for this video 👍

  2. This soup has become a standard in our kitchen (we just had it tonight, actually). It's quite possibly the easiest soup to make and the flavor is out of this world! Thanks, Laura!

  3. I made Delish's version of this a couple months ago (with tiny alterations) and it was perfect but I'm dying to use ricotta now. I'm definitely putting a dollop on top (or better yet the bottom)! Although I definitely agree about the toppings making things difficult. The cheese at the bottom made washing the pot harder.

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