Own the Stage – Tips for a Fearless, Impactful Performance


Every time you take the stage, you have an opportunity to make an impactful statement – a statement that could earn you hoards of new fans, drive sales of your music and merch, and open the door to dozens of future opportunities.

An audience wants to see someone cooler than them doing something cooler than they’re capable of doing. That requires a performer to be fearless in showing the audience who they really are.

In this FREE webinar, performance and stage psychology coach Luther Mallory joins us to help you break down any and all mental barriers and confidently deliver the performance of a lifetime every time you take the stage.

Luther has lent his expertise to artists across the country through Universal Music Canada, Sony Music Canada, Coalition Music, and Canada’s Music Incubator and at high-profile events like the 2016 JUNO Master Class and Indie Week.

You’ll learn:
-How to block out insecurities and mental distractions
-How to access your confident, fearless self as a performer
-How to cater your performance to your audience
-How to deliver a captivating, impactful performance
-…and more!

Luther Mallory is a live music producer – a performance coach for bands and artists. He teaches what he calls “stage psychology.” He aims to identify what is going on in the judgment-obsessed mind of the artists he works with and then give those artists the tools to feel confident in taking risks on stage and to become better performers. Luther has worked with more than 200 artists over the last three years, from up-and-coming acts to major label successes. www.luthermalloryproductions.com.

Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Musician, as well as Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also co-hosts the popular Canadian Musician Radio program. He has been a speaker, panelist, and moderator at events including CMW, ECMA, the Halifax Pop Explosion, and many others.


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