Panna Cotta Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 315

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  1. Laura, you are so precious and so Italian. I love your cooking classes. I am Italian and know the flavor or authenticity … You have it ! I believe Gordon Ramsey would love you !!!
    For the "Critics" :
    Half-and-half, also known as half cream in the United Kingdom, is a simple blend of equal parts whole milk and light cream. It averages 10 to 12% fat, which is more than milk but less than light cream. Due to its lower fat content than cream, it can't be whipped.Jul 21, 2014

  2. Plz plzz plzz make a short video of recipe.
    By the way yourz all recipes are too good.
    Short video means that shoot just making step by step and also I want written recipe ingredients. Please please please do it..its easy way.

  3. Love Laura but as soon as she said you cannot make this with milk I shook my head. Mama half and half IS half milk half cream. Other countries dont have half and half and Im pretty sure one of those countries is Italy. So maybe we wont be able to make your recipe with regular milk and cream, but other panna cotta recipes will absolutely work with regular milk and cream.

  4. Very good! Loved them! I admire that you are dressed in white and dealing with strawberries! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is great! I could not do that! LOL! Love all your videos and recipes! <3

  5. Plenty of people use whole milk, it doesnt come out nearly as good as using heavy/half/half cream. Also need to keep in mind that depending on where you live and what brand whole milk, some are more rich and creamy than others. So all of that needs to be taken in account. ๐Ÿ™‚

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