“Paradise” by Pirates Of The Mississippi 1995

Pirates Of The Mississippi perform their hit single and title cut, “Paradise” on TNN’s Music City Tonight with Crook & Chase in 1995.

Pirates Of The Mississippi Biggest Chart Hits include signature song “Feed Jake”, along with, “Til’ I’m Holding You Again”, “Honky Tonk Blues”, “Speak of the Devil”, “Too Much”, “Fighting For You”, “Rollin’ Home”, “A Street Man Named Desire”, “Dream You”, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”, “Save The Wild Life”, “Paradise”, “Pop From The Top”, “You Could Do Better”, “Sure Sign”, “Let The Joneses Win”, “Drinkin’ Money(T.G.I. Party Time)”, “Kickin’ Up Dust”, “Fishbait”, “Heaven And A Dixie Night”, “Southern Star”, “Lonely and Gone”, “Catfish, Catfish”, “Blink of an Eye” and many more!!!
Pirates of the Mississippi is an American Country Rock Band founded in 1989 by Rich Alves(lead guitars, Hammond organ, background vocals), Bill McCorvey(lead vocals/guitar), Jimmy Lowe(drums/percussion), Pat Severs(steel guitar/Dobro) and Dean Townson(bass guitar/vocals). With their roots in Montgomery, Alabama, Pirates of the Mississippi made its national debut in 1990 with a cover of Hank Williams’ “Honky Tonk Blues”. This cover was the first single from their self-titled critically acclaimed debut album. “Honky Tonk Blues” was followed by twenty more singles, all of which charted between 1990 and 2011. In that same time span, the band would release four more studio albums, a “Greatest Hits” CD and 2006’s critically acclaimed award winning CD, “Heaven and a Dixie Night”.
Pirates of the Mississippi members were sought after Nashville session musicians and songwriters that also found time to play various clubs around Middle Tennessee. Eventually, they attracted the attention of an A&R representative at Capitol Records, who signed them to a recording contract in 1990. The band chose the name Pirates of the Mississippi because they thought Jimmy resembled a pirate.
In 1990, the band released its self-titled debut album. This album produced four chart singles for the band. First was a cover of Hank Williams’s “Honky Tonk Blues”, which the band took to number 26 on the country charts. Although “Rollin’ Home” peaked outside the top 40, the album’s third single, “Feed Jake”, became the band’s biggest hit and signature song at number 15. The video became an even bigger hit on all of the music video outlets as would many of their other singles. “Speak of the Devil”, the last single from their debut CD, also made the country top 40. In 1991, the band received the Top New Vocal Group award from the Academy of Country Music and received a gold record certification from the Canadian Recording Industry Association.
1991’s Walk the Plank, their second album for Capitol, produced the band’s second highest-charting hit, the number 22 “‘Til I’m Holding You Again”. The albums, A Street Man Named Desire (1992) and Dream You (1993) would follow. Each album’s title track peaked on the charts at number 56 and number 63, respectively.
By the mid-90’s, their popularity as one of the hottest bands in the country was becoming more and more evident with sold-out concerts, millions of diehard fans and a compilation album entitled The Best of Pirates of the Mississippi was issued. This compilation included several tracks from their first four albums, and newly recorded extended dance remixes of “Dream You” and “Pop from the Top”. In 1995, the band signed to Giant Records, releasing the singles “You Could Do Better” and “Sure Sign”, followed by the CD, “Paradise”.
As songwriters they would pen hits like, McCorvey’s, “Lonely and Gone”, a Top 5 hit for Montgomery Gentry, and Alves, “Southern Star” would become a number 1 smash for the legendary band, Alabama.
In 2006, they released the critically acclaimed award winning CD, Heaven and a Dixie Night proving once again that Pirates of the Mississippi were one of the best and most enduring country rock bands that came out of the ‘90’s surge.
“The Pirates” as many of their fans affectionately refer to them, have been making incredible music, thrilling live audiences around the world, making new fans by the droves for over a quarter of a century now. Can’t wait to see what else is in store…
Their musical legacy continues…


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