Pear Cardamom Cake | Ep. 1296

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34 Replies to “Pear Cardamom Cake | Ep. 1296”

  1. Laura i am sending you a huge {{HUG}} for sharing this recipe. I made something very similar several years ago & my family & I just loved it! Somehow though I lost the recipe & have been looking for a similar recipe. I believe this recipe will fit the bill very nicely!!! I can almost taste it, just thinking about! Thank you so much!! It's just perfect for this time of year, as we all relax around the table with a nice warm cup of coffee or tea & a piece of this mouthwatering coffee cake!!!! Yum, yum, yum,!!!

  2. tbh I've been subbed for years but this is the first video I've actually clicked in a long time and I'm pissed that she still posts videos before the recipes are up bc I was ready to make this like rightnow rightnow and I can't. unless someone knows something I don't then help a girl out 😭

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