Pecan Pie Brownies

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  1. Just made these but you didn’t show putting the pecan mix on top so I poured the mix down the middle thinking I would spread it out to edges but it went into the brownie mixture and couldn’t spread it still waiting for them to finish cooking next time I’m guessing I will spoon it over the brownie mixture , please let me know how you do it , thank you 😊

  2. You are so FUN. THANKS FOR SHAREING! HAPPY to fill a down to Earth Real home Cook without over explaining or condescending. You and Chef John , all anyone out there needs to learn ot enhance your receipe catalog. Blessings your way.

  3. For all the bakers out there who are trying this recipe with maple syrup instead of corn syrup – you will need more flour and it will take you longer to bake. Probably additional 40min or so after you put the topping over the fudge mix.

  4. I made this last Saturday night and brought it to our friend’s house . Oh boy everybody loved so much that the host told me to make it again on Xmas day:)) winning

  5. Having a craft day with my girls and taking this today. They are about to come out of the oven. Although I must confess, I used a brownie mix and also added a tbsp of Amareto to both parts. Can't wait to try!

  6. I gifted a dessert of the month to a friend. This will be her November gift. Mia’s favorite chocolate chip cookie already made an appearance. I’m now a rock star in said friend’s eyes! Thank you, peace, and blessings!

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