Pineapple Brown Sugar Slow Cooker Ham | Episode 1147

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47 Replies to “Pineapple Brown Sugar Slow Cooker Ham | Episode 1147”

  1. This looks so yummy. I can’t decide whether to make this or your other ham for Easter. For this ham, how much of the juice do u save if I’m going to keep it in the crockpot to serve? Thanks!

  2. You're almost at 3M subs Laura!!!!!!!!

    I subbed about a month ago!!!! Good choice so far……. for me!!!!!!!!
    Luv your "natural, simple, basic" approach to cooking but fantastic dishes!!!!!! 👌🏾

  3. Hi laura. the recipe looks yummy. one more thing, I have a best friend who is a fitness instructor. He doesn't eat pork due to dietary reasons, what type of meat can he use? He also lives alone, is lamb shank suitable for him? oh and he doesn't like pineapple in the tin, will fresh pineapple also be fine for the recipe. the recipe suggestion would be perfect for him for several reasons. number one: he lives alone. number two: if the lamb shank is used. number three: if it would contain fresh pineapple. And number four: it has brown sugar as he prefers brown sugar over white sugar. thank u.

  4. I made this ham on Easter! It was so good everyone loved it! It was 85 degrees so it was wonderful to not have the oven on for hours. BUT – put your slow cooker on a baking sheet because mine overflowed all over the place with all the juices! 😖🙈

  5. Hmmmm, I know it was in a LOT of juice, but it still looked dried out, I'm going to check out the last spiral cut ham you did. Your videos are magnificent! Can't wait to see you with your baby you'll make such a good mom!

  6. Laura definitely will try both recipes for biscuits and Crock pot Ham.. 😃 Looks and sounds so Yummy! Congratulations! Mia is such a cutie I loved the pic with her hand on the rolling pin.

  7. I feel like i should invest in a slow cooker after watching this video!
    p.s. you have your numbering of this episode wrong! I believe it should be 1147 not 1146 x

  8. whole cloves n pineapple slices are better. You can make a nice design, with the cloves holding the pineapples in place with toothpicks, n add maraschino cherries. Add do the brown sugar, honey, dry mustard, pineapple juice mixture as a rub, and you "might slap your Momma," it is so good!!!

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