Police Chief wants officers to abstain from smoking pot

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Windsor’s top cop is encouraging his police officers to abstain from smoking pot.

Al Frederick tells CTV News the Windsor Police Service has completed a number of draft policies for marijuana consumption, once it becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

While a policy has not been finalized, Frederick says they will have something concrete by next Wednesday.

Frederick says he would like police officers in his department to avoid cannabis consumption altogether, and he encourages the public to do the same.

“I expect there to be an increase in calls for service and if not in criminal activity in relation to disputes over marijuana and that sort of thing, amongst neighbours, friends, amongst co-workers and I’m not looking forward to that,” says Frederick.

Frederick adds his police force has not had to deal with an officer not being fit for duty as a result of alcohol consumption, and he expects the same code of conduct to be followed once pot is legal in Canada.

The city’s police chief says he is also disappointed the federal government has not articulated testing protocols yet.

The President of the Windsor Police Association, Jason DeJong, recently told AM800 News that he believes an outright ban, would be tough for administration to enforce.

In Toronto, the new “fitness for duty policy” says officers will be banned from using cannabis within 28 days of reporting for active duty.

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