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Before Post Malone’s hit song White Iverson got over 137 million views on YouTube in just 8 months.
Before Post Malone would perform at Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday Party.
Before Post Malone would call himself the white R Kelly
Before Post Malone ended up getting mad respect from 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Riff Raff, and Ty Dolla Sign
Before Post Malone found himself on a Radio Show apologizing for dropping the N word on a vine.
BEFORE Post Malone was working with Kanye West

Post Malone didn’t really take to music until he was 13, when he discovered the game Guitar Hero. After achieving a 5 star expert rating on every track, he decided to pick up a real guitar at the age of 16. Post taught himself how to play by watching tutorial videos on Youtube. It was that same year that Post joined a hardcore band and started to put together a mix tape. Then this happened.

The jacket says “Bad Boy” the booty shorts say otherwise.

Graduating high school and enrolling at a Texas community college. Post dropped out and decided he needed to move to LA to pursue a music career.

Post moved across the country with his friend DJ Jason Stokes, and quickly settled in to the LA music scene. Forming the music group BLKCVRD, it is in Los Angeles, that Post first met, hip hop producer Trocon “1st Down” Markous Roberts and Raye Rich of FKI Music. Those two would go on to help produce, Post Malone’s breakout hit “White Iverson” the first rap song he truthfully ever properly released.

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