Precautions being taken ahead of cannabis edible legalization

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Canada is proceeding with caution as marijuana edibles will become legal in the country by the end of the year.

Pot-infused goodies will be legal to sell on Dec. 16, over a year after cannabis was made legal in the country.

Strict limits are set to be enforced around the amount of THC in the products.

The government says this is to ensure consumers know what they’re getting.

Ten milligrams of THC is the maximum allowed per package of edibles. The packages must be plain, child-proof, and cannot be designed to appeal to young people.

“They did say that it was a ‘common sense approach’ that they were going with, which is quite subjective, so we’re a little bit in muddy waters or the dark,” said Hello Cannabis Corp CEO Stephen Verbeek. “We’re trying to figure out where these lines are drawn.

“I would think that something that would be appealing to children would be a cartoon character with gummy bears, insinuating an elevated lifestyle.”

Verbeek is part of the medical cannabis field and is familiar with oils and creams. These products are now allowed to be sold under the new rules.

Extracts that can be vaped in electronic smoking devices are also allowed to be sold. These types of products are still considered healthier than smoking.

“I do believe that the 10 milligram limit per package is accurate,” said Verbeek. “Certainly there’s going to be many people that are going to consume more than one.

“I would urge people to start slow. It does take quite some time to take effect with edibles and there are many variables that affect the intoxicating effects on the human body.”

Health Canada expects a limited range of edible products at first, which will expand as producers react to consumer demand.

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