Quick Thai Inspired Green Curry Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 932

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36 Replies to “Quick Thai Inspired Green Curry Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 932”

  1. Indian curry is served with basmati rice. Thai is served with Jasmine. Green curry is Thai. Not an issue but I felt the need to point that out cuz Jasmine rice is da best rice evuh

  2. How about a Thai Spicy Chicken with Basil and Jalapeno?  I would love help with this one.  Where I live there is only one Thai restaurant in my town and it is in a van.  They do not have Spicy Chicken at all.  Just Currys.  The closest Thai place is 175 miles away.

  3. I'm Thai. I'm follow you about year. About green curry I know it's hard to find all ingredients like Thailand. I have been stay in Florida 3 months. But you didn't taste a real green curry because your ingredients not complete. Hope you can find Thai people and make real green curry.
    Ps. Sorry for my English.
    Ps2. I'm big fan cuz I like the way you teach and I like pasta too much!

  4. I very very rarely dislike videos but that was seriously the worst take I have ever seen of this dish. Wherever you got this recipe from, I hope the original author has made amendments to it since so it's more like an actual curry rather than coconut milk soup with over-sized vegetables. Laura, I wouldn't have blamed you if you threw it in the garbage after the camera turned off.

  5. You made a good point using green curry paste. I haven't seen anyone around me making their own paste for ten years.
    The last time I saw Jamie Oiliver made it by using coriander, it was disastrous.

  6. for all the people grumbling what part of "This is my take on Thai Green Curry" did you not see or hear? SO that means one can use any vegetable sauce etc….this just to give us an Idea! Thanks Laura! She is using what she had on hand!

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