Raspberry Creme Brulee Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 580

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37 Replies to “Raspberry Creme Brulee Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 580”

  1. So I made a vegan version of this using vegan cream cheese and coconut milk for the cream and it tasted nice! I would probably cut on the powder sugar tho, it was too sweet for me (maybe because of the coconut milk) and I recommend letting it set in the fridge so that the creme is not too runny.

  2. Laura Vitale, can you make a future episode for how to make blueberry creme brulee? I really want you share to us how to make it because you already made an episode on LauraintheKitchen.com for how to make raspberry creme brulee. Please and thank you, Laura. I really like your recipes, I sometimes make them at home.

  3. This looks like a very nice dessert. You may call it a cheats creme brûlée. but there are three key ingredients to a creme brûlée – cream sugar and EGG. That's why it is so sloppy – NO EGGS.

  4. Dear Laura, I have just recently found your YouTube channel and I have to say it is the best one for recipes I have found to date. I do however, have one important question. How do you manage to cook all these amazing dishes while not gaining a single pound? I swear, I have gained at least 10 pounds just watching you delicious videos.

  5. I'm ashamed that the first comment I want to make on every one of Laura's videos is about how gorgeous she looks. She's a wildly talented cook/baker and that's the focus of the video, so that should be the focus of the comments. But the first thing I see in every video is her shining face and it just makes me so happy! : )

  6. Yeah you do, a proper Creme Brulee recipe has eggs in it… This recipe is delicious but is not Creme Brulee and i can imagine that it doesn't taste like Creme Brulee… But still looks very yummy!

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