Red Velvet Cake Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 602

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  1. Big hit at Christmas a couple weeks ago, and this was the first cake I've ever baked. Not even from like a box of Betty Crocker. But I figured I had enough experience baking now to try.

    Delicious and the family loved it.

    I didn't have any nuts on me, and I KNEW I'd screw up the frosting because I'd never frosted a cake before (more on that in a minute), so what I did is I took those bits I sliced off to flatten the cake halves, I broke them up, pulsed them in the food processor a couple times, put them in a warm oven for about fifteen minutes just to crisp them up a bit, and I just coated the whole outside with crumbs.

    It looked BEAUTIFUL, my mom and sister both especially liked that. I wish I'd snapped a picture, but I'll be making it again some time. The only thing is I'll make more frosting. There wasn't really enough there to get a complete coat of it on the cake.

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