Rice Pudding – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 215

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33 Replies to “Rice Pudding – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 215”

  1. Those raisins look good. The raisins I've been getting by SUNMAID are defective: they're flat with partial stems in them and not very flavorful! Laura, what BRAND of raisins are you using?!

  2. I'm mexican and we call it "arroz con leche" which is just rice with milk. I cook my milk and rice together like she did but while thats cooking we add a whole cinnamon stick and a little bit of sugar no vanilla. We prefer to eat it hot but its good cold as well

  3. I would be thrown out with you because I are the rice pudding hot too, and when the spoon was of no longer use, I used my finger to scrape the pot clean, yummy, I couldn't help myself

  4. Did anyone else have problems with the milk burning, even on med-low heat? I didn't even realize until I started stirring more and burnt milk crust was floating around! Ick.

  5. that looks good, here in México, our traditional recipe uses regular rice,, also adds condensed milk , and evaporated milk, it adds a really good creamy concistency 🙂 , but i´m gonna try that anyway, looks delicious

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