Roasting A Whole Head of Cauliflower

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  1. Love the idea. But what will be left of cauliflower after steaming it for 10 minutes and then roasting for another 20? My english cauliflower becomes soft in like 5 minutes of boiling.

  2. I just watched the 9 year old garlic bread video. I’m so glad that you’re still posting new videos! I would love your garlic oil recipe.

    I had no idea what the middle eastern spice combination used was, so I researched and found that it’s is spelled Za’atar. There is a recipe online. It has sesame seeds in it. Anything with sesame seeds has to be great.

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  5. Just made zatar last week. Easy and delicious. I believe one version uses oregano and one thyme. I made the thyme version. Highly recommend. Tastes great with olive oil to dip fresh pita along side.

  6. Oh my goodness!! This is outstanding!! I never heard of zaatar but it was PERFECT for this cauliflower recipe!! I literally ate the entire head of cauliflower!!! I am going to make this again and chill it for salad! Thank you Laura!! I love learning how to make something new!

  7. I remember that i subscribed your channel when I was like 12, now i grew up and im 20 but you seem younger than 8 years ago laura! Can you make a recipe video for this eternal youth please 🥴😂

  8. I don't know what all these asian and middle eastern spices are, but when you are going to put that much spice on things, it sort of defeats the use of a great vegetable like cauliflower. I put mine in the Ninja Foodi, for 3-4 minutes to get it softened,,, baste it with butter, put italian bread crumbs on it and bake it in the foodi for another 3-4 minutes to crisp up the tops a little bit. Then serve it with a cheesy bechamel sauce. It's brilliant. NO NEED for all that crazy spice to kill the taste of the cauliflower.

  9. Looks great!! Laura Ive been looking for a Chicken Paprikash recipe and I feel like you would do such an amazing job adding your twist to it. Please consider!!😊

  10. I love cauliflower. This is different than just buttered which isn’t bad. You look like you get your ZaTaar seasoning from the same place I get mine lol. Hope all is well. God bless!

  11. Hi Laura.
    I'm Mariam from Lebanon I've been following you for years now..
    I love that you love the zaatar the Lebanese version.
    Our version is exclusively made from thyme, sumac and sesame seeds that've been toasted.. And of course salt..
    The difference between Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian and Syrian zaatar is mainly the amount of sumac and sesame with the thyme and the kind of thyme itself.. And different additives such as sometimes nuts like walnuts and pistachios..
    For me all of them are delicious in their own way.

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