Robot Apocalypse – Full Album

The Robot Apocalypse is a collective of Canadian Musicians who collaborated together to create this album for the Radio Waterloo Documentary. The Radio Waterloo Documentary describes the advent of Community Radio in Canada.

1) Mechanical Heart
2) Pick Me Up
3) Chaotic Entrance
4) Click Like
5) Omnipotent
6) Technetronic Tyranny
7) Ferris Wheel
9) Theory of Mind
10) Phase Shifter
11) JKL;
12) Inner Attitude Gage

Collaborations by:
Elsa Jayne, Parker Bossley (Gay nineties, Fur Trade), Ian Somers (Limblifter, Isomers), Ulysses Coppard (Smash Boom Pow), Sasha Chornyy (life in Vacuum), Ryan Stanley (Cursed Arrows), Cara Leigh, Chelsea McBride (Koopa Troop), Brad Weber, Angus Frasier, Dan Roberts, Colin Fisher, Steve Ward (Pick A Piper), Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, Mounites), Mike Cattanach, Iuls Dragomir, Gary Cain (The Gary Cain Band), Brad Merritt (54-40), Moses Bogart (Straight outta the pit), Adam Kras (The Kras Country experience), Matt Kras (Cyanide Kiss), Jeff McKenna (Audio Boffins), Rob McKenna (McKenna’s All Weather Haulage)


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