Salsa Poached Chicken | Episode 1046

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29 Replies to “Salsa Poached Chicken | Episode 1046”

  1. I made a huge mistake…I decided I would add the shredded chicken back to the pot when i made my rice…Part of my rice stayed at the top and ended up crunchy. UGH!!! Lesson learned I guess.

  2. Yesterday I made the Salsa Chicken – it was delicius.
    And I didn't want to throw out the remaining Salsa, so I added a little more Water and cooked some Rice in it – that was the best part on the whole dish!

  3. I love your love affair with food, and you eat with such gusto! How in the world do you stay so fit and trim? I guess genetics has a part in it, but you are one heck of a cook!

  4. This can be done in the slow cooker on high for 3-4 hours which will make the chicken so tender that the chicken just falls apart. This is great for chicken tacos or quesadillas.

  5. hey Laura.. your recipes always makes me happy.. thanx for sharing…
    I just tried this recepie today but my chicken tho soft was a rubbery.. did I do something wrong 😞

  6. Lol where on earth do you buy those non stick pots and pans?! What brand? :O It's like no matter how much you cook with them they stay non stick!
    I can't' seem to find any good types of non stick pans that last!

  7. MmMmm!!! Just had this for dinner tonight, my husband and I enjoyed it so much. Thank you LauraLove. I love cooking too, I literally spend my whole day every single day in the kitchen. I have tried a lot of your recipes and they are absolutely divine. Let me know if you need assistant in the kitchen I would love to help. LoL 😊😘

  8. I don't have extra salsa laying around, so I use cans of Rotel, add extra onion, and top the chicken with a little bit of shredded cheese. Simple and delicious like this recipe!

  9. I actually did the chicken in my left over salsa and it tasted awesome. I added uncooked rice to the rest of the salsa (after taking out the chicken) cooked on low for about half an hour and it was delicious. I did not need to add anything to the rice. The flavors of the salsa gave enough flavor as is!!! 😍

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