Shortbread Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 255

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  1. Traditional shortbread has 50 gram rice flour with the 300 gram flour and the edges are pinched for a design, and with a stick, holes are poked on with a design, 325 for 45 minutes. When out of oven, let it cool but still warm cut, you do not immediately cut.

  2. Question: Is the "Powdered Sugar" shifted? I am asking because I shifted mine, and the dough came out very thin and soft. I think this was where I went "wrong". I will try to make them again tomorrow, with shifting the sugar. I will let you know.

    Makes 18
    ¾ cup of Unsalted Butter, at room temperature (one and a half sticks for unsalted butter)
    1 ¾ cup of All Purpose Flour
    ¾ cup of Confectioner Sugar
    ½ tsp of Salt
    1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

  4. dear Laura,what's the difference between shortbread and cookies?actually how to to know about the texture when we learn by self?I mean whether the texture is perfect as it should be.i wil be thankful if u can help.

  5. I love your videos, but I know many do not watch them, because they want the measurements included. Too much of a hassle to go to your site and then have to do a search to hopefully find the needed recipe with the measurements included, which can be time consuming too. Thus, many people watch other people's videos that include the measurements, which are normally included in most other people's videos, and they use their recipes instead. People may watch your videos, but often go to videos of others to actually make the recipes since others usually include the measurements. You may want to include measurements in your videos. I see you slipped here and actually mentioned one of the measurements, which you normally avoid doing in hopes of getting people on to your site. If you include a link to the recipie page, which coresponds to a particular recipe, that will help since people will not have to do a search for the page on the site. Just a friendly tip.

  6. hi laura I love you and Joe and your recipes! I noticed in the video you said your friend Bree loves the caramel chocolate bars you make with this batter. if you share that recipe already online can you give me the name so I can find it? if not please please please make a video showing those cookies. I'm sure it's just a few extra steps from this video but I love all your videos and I'd adore seeing that recipe from start to finish. thanks so much. tae

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