Simple & Delicious Turkey Gravy with Alton Brown | Food Network

Alton Brown makes gravy from the Thanksgiving turkey pan drippings.

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This video is part of Thanksgiving Videos with Alton Brown show hosted by Alton Brown . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Find great advice and Thanksgiving recipes to plan your Thanksgiving dinner menu.


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  1. my roasting pan had a bunch of burned drippings because I cooked the turkey for the 1st 30 minutes at 500F. It didn't look too appetizing when I took the turkey out; everything on the pan was burnt.

  2. For an even better version of this recipe, skip the chicken broth and replace it with turkey broth. How do you make turkey broth you ask? Simple, take the neck and giblets(you know, the part that most of you shamefully throw away) put them in a pot with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer and allow them cook away for several hours, checking occasionally to see if it needs more water.
    By the time the Turkey is ready to come out of the oven, you'll have delicious turkey broth that will put that store bought(we all know you didn't make it from scratch) chicken juice to shame.

    As an added bonus, since the turkey broth doesn't add extra salt like the store bought stuff, you have total control over how much salt you want in your gravy.

  3. My wife's family comes over every year for Thanksgiving and every year I make Alton's roast turkey recipe and the gravy. I only do it for me and my immediate family though. The others could care less if I were serving pressed turkey with Heinz jarred gravy as they are there for a free meal and look at it more as sustenance. Foodies they are not. The first time I made this the gravy turned out impeccably, yet I watched as each one of them kept bypassing the gravy boat. It pissed me off a bit. 

  4. I watch this every year in preparation for the big day. It never gets old…
    Thanks Mr. Brown!
    P.S He seriously needs a new serise of "Good Eats"

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