Slow Cooker Beef Enchiladas Recipe | Episode 1124

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25 Replies to “Slow Cooker Beef Enchiladas Recipe | Episode 1124”

  1. My favorite part of the vid is when she eats!!! Who doesn't love a good-looking gal that ain't afraid to EAT!!! I've been telling my wife, "we gotta make this!!! It sounds awesome!"
    Looks simple enough, too.

  2. My mom and step dad were in town and it was pouring rain so our plans were altered. instead we spent the day cooking and I got to do the main course so I chose this one. We loved it and the beef was so tender! I would definitely do this recipe again except next time I think I'll add 1 or two veggies to the crock pot.

  3. Laura let me ask you or your viewers when is food authentic? Jitomate is native to Mexico we have eaten them for over 1000's of years and Italian have only eat them for or 100's years. So when is it authentic food. Chiles are natve to Mexico, they are not peppers but can you imagine Asian food with out chiles or Italain food without jitomate. What is authentic food?

  4. Who says what is authentic? It's authentically slow cooker beef enchiladas. The food nazis who have forced you to disclaim all your food as inauthentic are nuts. The enchiladas look delicious and I am making them tomorrow. I live in Houston and Texans have been fusioning Tex and Mex since it was not even part of the USA. This is America and our melting pot only requires cheese:)

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