Sons of the Pioneers: Happy Rovin’ Cowboy, Cool Water, Tumblin Tumbleweeds.

For Country Music fans of The Sons of the Pioneers. In early 1933, Leonard Slye, Canadian-born Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer formed the Pioneer Trio. In 1934 fiddle player Hugh Farr joined the group and a radio station deejay remarked that they were too young to be Pioneers, and so he called them the Sons of the Pioneers. Within months, the group’s popularity and fame spread beyond Los Angeles through radio segments rebroadcast across the country. They signed a recording contract with new Decca Records and recorded their first single on the same day as Bing Crosby recorded his first Decca session. In 1937, Leonard Slye was offered a contract as an actor with Republic Pictures. The deal required him to leave the singing group and Hollywood rechristened him Roy Rogers, the singing cowboy. The Pioneers rejoined Rogers at Republic and were soon appearing as highly popular supporting players in Roy Rogers westerns, billed as Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. Between 1935 and 1984, the Sons of the Pioneers appeared in 87 films, several movie shorts, and a TV series and their music was used in numerous other films and TV shows. From a 1970s CBC Vancouver TV series, the group sang Happy Rovin’ Cowboy, Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie, Cimarron Roll On, Cool Water and Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds. The group consisted of Luther Nallie (vocals/guitar). LLoyd Perriman (rhythm guitar/lead vocals). Ray Lanham (lead guitar), and Harold Hensley (fiddle). Thanks to John Fullerton for the identifications.


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