Spicy Black Beans Recipe – Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 14

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27 Replies to “Spicy Black Beans Recipe – Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 14”

  1. I had a random can of black beans I needed to dispose of.Garlic and jalapeños are staples so this was simple enough to make it worth a shot. Thanks Laura!

  2. This is SO cute!! I'm dying!!! I love your consistency. Thank you for teaching me so much! My husband thanks you too. You've changed my life!!!!!!!!!! (I just watched your 956th episode. YUM)

  3. I've made this recipe twice now, and both times it was absolutely delicious! The only thing I did differently is cut up some little bacon pieces and used the fat to sweat the onions/garlic/pepper instead of using olive oil. So good! Thanks Laura!

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