Student spellers face off in Calgary Spelling Bee

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Some sharp young spellers were able to show off their stuff at the Calgary I-N-V-I-T-A-T-I-O-N-A-L Spelling Bee on Saturday afternoon.

The seventh annual event took place at the Webber Academy Performing Arts Centre on Saturday and about 75 participants took part.

CTV Calgary’s own Kevin Stanfield was the MC.

Organizers say it helps encourage literacy in students from Grade 1 all the way to Grade 6.

“Really good sportsmanship on stage and how to win and lose with grace as well,” says Gabi Lemione.

Lemione says it’s grown in size because there is a lot more awareness of the event.

“We’ve seen an increase in registrations and interest within the Spelling Bee.”

There were prizes for everyone involved in the event, win or lose.

Trophies were also awarded to the top three in each division.

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