Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe | Ep.1287

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25 Replies to “Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe | Ep.1287”

  1. I am so ready for cooler weather so that I can make soup like this. Thank you Laura.
    Moore Please.
    I am also hoping that I will become brave enough to fix your Beef Bourguignon Recipe. I have watched that video so many times I should know it by heart. It would be perfect for the fall weather served up to a table full of family and friends. I will wait until we are having much cooler weather or when I can get the nerve up; which ever one comes first. LOL

  2. Always excited when I get the notification that you posted! This looks amazing! I make a similar soup but adding arborio rice is a nice twist! I never thought of that, Iโ€™d worry that it would get clumpy and less soupy, but it looks delicious with the amount you added! Iโ€™m definitely trying this!

  3. Nice recipe Laura, simple and tasty, and less labor than doing whole stuffed bell peppers, if anyone wants this to have a thicker liquid base, just add a corn starch slurry and bring to a quick boil, as soon as it boils reduce the heat to the lowest setting.

  4. I want to ask you something Laura, who are you talking to when you make these cooking videos? Because I think you should mention the fight against malnutrition. Other than that your doing a great job.

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