Supreme Court ruling renews fear and anxiety among Muslims in Manitoba

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There is renewed fear and anxiety among Muslims in Manitoba as the United States Supreme Court upheld U.S President Donald Trump’s travel ban in a 5-4 victory Tuesday.

Under the ban, Trump is restricting some immigrants and visitors to the U.S., targeting mostly Muslim majority countries.

It affects seven countries: Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, North Korea and Venezuela.

The court said the government set forth a sufficient national security justification for the ban to prevail.

Trump has said the policy is needed to protect the United States against attacks by Islamic militants.

The ban’s green light has some wondering if more countries could be added to the list.

“It’s very scary, because a lot of people who have left tyrant-run countries to find salvage in North America are now going to be treated as criminals. We should be helping them,” said Osaed Khan with the Manitoba Islamic Association, Manitoba’s largest Islamic organization with members from 200 countries.

Khan said the ban is causing fear and anxiety and called the decision anti-minority and anti-Muslim.

He said people are worried about crossing the border and visiting family.

Former Winnipegger and immigration lawyer Muna Jondy said there is a waiver available for people affected by the ban but no guarantees,

“That process has not been formalized. I like to call it a sham waiver. It’s discretionary based on each embassy and consulate, so it’s going to be a coin toss,” said Jondy from Flint, Michigan where she now works and lives.

Winnipeg immigration consultant Erin Zimmer said Manitobans travelling to the U.S. need to mindful of travel restrictions, such as increased screening measures, and the importance of planning in advance to avoid issues.

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