Tenant sues landlords for $1 million after staircase fall

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A tenant in Verdun has sued his landlords after he was very badly injured falling down the front stairs of his building.

According to court documents, Michel Valois slipped as soon as he stepped out his front door and tumbled down the winding staircase in front of his building on February 29, 2016.

He was knocked unconscious by the fall and two-and-a-half years later he still suffers memory loss, terrible headaches, blurred vision, and other severe effects that appear to be the result of a severe concussion.

Valois, who was president and founder of a graphic design company, was unable to return to work in that field and was forced to sell off his portion of the company.

He tried to find work in elsewhere but was unsuccessful because he is unable to concentrate on a task.

The president of the landlord association CORPIQ said in similar cases in the past judges have ruled against the tenant who filed suit, but there are case where tenants have won.

Hans Brouillette said the key issue will be who is responsible for clearing snow and ice, a concern that is indicated in many leases.

“The tenant must prove that the behaviour of the landlord caused the accident, which is hard to do, but possible,” said Brouillette.

The court filing shows Valois is asking for $1,096,000 in damages to compensate for past and future lost income, $150,000 for pain and suffering, and $11,000 for medical fees.

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