The Best Beans Ever! (With Miso and Shallots)

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  1. You inspire me! I'm growing Italian (Lacinato) kale, so, I made your "best beans". It took some time to find white miso; I live in rural southern Maryland. I was born in Savannah, so, it's almost mandatory that you serve everything with steamed rice, which I did. Doing the dishes was nothing compared to cleaning up after my head exploded, as you predicted. This is a keeper recipe! I love your channel.❀️

  2. Never had miso before, don’t think it’s a very popular ingredient in the UK (I may be wrong)….. I love trying new foods so would definitely love to give this a whirl πŸ‘

  3. Hi! HoW are you?

    + It is the second Thursday of the new year. Seoul, Korea had a lot of snow, and the lowest temperature was -15'C. It is a very cold day.Β I hope this week will be a healthier/fierce day. ^O^

  4. This looks amazing, I need to try it! Another tip: You can actually put miso in the freezer and then it will keep forever. And it doesn't freeze solid so you can still scoop out how much you need when you want to use it!


  6. Folks/subs/viewers, if you are allergic to shellfish, you can use imitation crab which is actually fish that looks & taste is like snow crab legs. In rural Kentucky we use smoked/salted country ham or ham hocks, i'll try it with miso, never had it. The rest of the recipe would be the same as Mrs. Laura Vitale's

  7. Mrs. Laura Vitale, very nice recipe, i've never had shrimp, miso , beans. I grow most of the ingredients, but i'd get gulf shrimp, but not familiar with miso, sounds like a japanese sauce. I'm 57 yr. old Irishman from rural Kentucky & many folks do not know that butter beans start out as baby lima beans, then lima beans, then mature to butter beans & we grow them in the garden, plus many greens, kale, spinach, mustard, turnip, collards, etc… plus wild greens that grow on their own., dandelion, polk, wild rocket( arugula), etc…i'm going to try this ma'am, looks delicious.

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