The Blue Shadows “Runaway Train”

Very few people outside of Canada knew about The Blue Shadows, but in the Great White North they had critical success and tons of street cred.

Billy Cowsill was the founder of the group (you’ve heard of him). Hatcher was well known as an exceptional songwriter and guitarist from Winnipeg (home of the Guess Who and Neil Young). The Vancouver based rhythm section of Muir and Johnson had played together with one hit wonders Maurice and the Cliches (single: Soft Core).

With the Cowsill-Hatcher song Runaway Train, The Blue Shadows took the fork in the road that led to ROCK (perhaps sabotaging whatever inroads they had made into the Country market). In any case, the sound was as true to their roots as anything from their debut “On the Floor of Heaven” because in each of their separate musical journeys, the four men had experienced the countrified heritage at the core of all great rock n roll. It was what drew them together in the first place.

From the second Blue Shadows album “Lucky to Me”.

Director: Ted Herman
DP/Co-Director: Marcus Rogers
Prod Co: AM Productions

Important note: I understand that the copyright of this material belongs to Bumstead Records and the authors of the song; it is my intention to inform viewers of the fine work this band produced not to infringe on anyone’s rights.

The Blue Shadows record “Lucky to Me” is OOP (out of production)


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