The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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24 Replies to “The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe”

  1. I made these today, they came out nice and chewy with crispy bits on the edges 🥰 super yummy! Definitely undercook them a bit, they come out very chocolatey. Not too sweet but I might cut 10% sugar next time!

  2. I referenced the written recipe before watching this video and the written recipe simply says 'butter, melted,' so I melted the butter completely instead of 'semi-melted' like you did here. Because of this my mixture didn't get that fluffy no matter how long I mixed it. Fingers crossed they still taste good!

  3. I like Laura’s videos before watching cuz I know it’s gonna be epic. Her recipes have never let me down! I’m gonna make this for Ramadan 😋

  4. My little sister and I made these today and everyone loved them! We made them a bit smaller and it turned out amazing 🥰 thanks Laura

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