This Is Alton Brown's Favorite Chicken Recipe | Best Thing I Ever Made

“This is my favorite chicken dinner and most certainly the best chicken dinner I’ve ever made.” – Alton Brown

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35 Replies to “This Is Alton Brown's Favorite Chicken Recipe | Best Thing I Ever Made”

  1. I know he has said he hates all the monologuing he used to do on the original Good Eats, but that was half of what I LOVED about the show-the background/history/SCIENCE/jokes and gags!!! He was brilliant without being pompous or saccharin. HE MADE COOKING INTELLIGENTLY ~FUN~! Please, Alton Brown, don't cut out all the monologuing in your new show!!

  2. I made this, to be honest I did not like it. Just my opinion, the paprika was too much, potatoes ended up oily (Olive oil coating chicken and chicken fat dripping), and the tapenade was the worst. Just my opinion

  3. Watch everything Alton Brown. I followed several recipes of his in the past, and they usually come out great. This was not one of those times. I use smokey paprika in lots of stuff, but the pairing with olives and lemon gave it a weird taste. If you want an awesome way to make chicken, take a look at this recipe our family loves it and it's easy:

  4. Why isn't this recipe in the Food Network Kitchen App?
    Why isn't there a link to download the recipe from the video description?
    Maybe I missed it, but what temperature is the oven supposed to be set to?

  5. I used to make this regularly and it is excellent. Also, itโ€™s hard to screw up and is easy to scale up or down for a crowd or a pair. Iโ€™d highly recommend it for anyone curious.

  6. Since I seem to be in a culinary geographical wasteland yukon gold potatoes aren't available, are kroger gold an acceptable substitute or do I need to order yukons and have them delivered?

  7. I just asked youtube NOT to recommend guy ferry videos and now I get this moron's videos instead.

    This punk lost what little respect I had for him when he started to criticize the overweight family that me ran into at a meet and greet he was at.

    No class, no brains and too smug to be interesting.

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