This Is How DORITOS Are Made (from Unwrapped) | Food Network

8 million bags of Doritos are made a DAY! Find out how your favorite snack food is made.

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28 Replies to “This Is How DORITOS Are Made (from Unwrapped) | Food Network”

  1. I would love a giant bag of Doritos that have only been baked to their floppy tortilla-like texture and covered in cheese. That would be great!

  2. Wait… So 2 billion bags of doritos with only 10,000 cows for the cheese? That's one cow for every 200,000 bags of doritos, per year. Since a cow can make about 2300 gallons of milk per year and each gallon makes about 1 pound of cheese that's just over 5 grams of cheese per bag. Obviously there's a lot of metrics to play with as to which doritos flavors have cheese, verses what the cheese to seasoning ratio is, in an entire bag would be, etc… The reason why I'm doing all this math? I wanted to know how many gallons of milk equivalent that I've consumed from doritos in the last 6 years, and the answer is 1.6 gallons or about 1/86,250,000th of all the doritos made….. Why couldn't my brain be this alert when I was in school? Why am I only a thinker at 2:00am? Is anyone else wired stupidly like me?

  3. I was today years old, when I learned that Nacho Cheese Doritos actually have Cheese as an ingredient. I just figured it was some kind of flavoring in the Dorito Dust they're coated with.

  4. My Body: Ok Stop eating,Stop it, your gonna get heartburn idiot. Gonna regret this.

    Me: Cutting the inside of my mouth as i shove handfuls of chips into my fat face.

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