Trenette al Pesto (Pasta from the Movie Luca)

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50 Replies to “Trenette al Pesto (Pasta from the Movie Luca)”

  1. Hello my friend thank you for sharing another delicious recipe with us today pasta who doesn’t love pasta and pesto pasta delicious all the ingredients mouthwatering absolutely yummy thank you my friend for sharing your friend enjoy your day enjoy your family and God bless🙏😋💕🌏

  2. I mean, I've seen Luca, but it didn't even spark my curiosity about what they were eating. Haha Now I need to make this! Yum. Potatoes in pasta with garlic and basil sounds like my dream come true.

  3. My son has a severe nut allergy so I can't use the pine nuts. Will this still turn out the same without them? Is there something I can substitute them for that would work?

  4. Love the movie Luca! Thank you for creating this fab dish from the movie. Do you have any recipes using nest pasta? I've always been curious to use them. Tagliatelle?

  5. Laura you crack me up, I had a touch of anxiety when I saw the pan still on the stove whilst you were checking though the basil, I thought you might have burned the second batch but then you lifted up the bowl and very proudly announced that they were “not burnt 😉” … brilliant!

  6. As a rule I do not like potatoes in any way made but when I visited the Liguria region of Italy I had this dish and it slightly converted me. I may try it for my “everything Italian” daughter. I suppose we should watch the film too.

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