Tri-Beef Wagyu Burger vs. Griddle-Smashed Burger | HIGH BROW VS LOW BROW

On this episode of #HBLB, Jarobi White and Cipha Sounds try to find NYC’s best burger 🍔 Will it be the classic roadside-style burger from Hard Times Sundaes or the TRI-BEEF burger (including Wagyu) from Old Homestead Steakhouse?!


Check back next Tuesday for a NEW episode!

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6 Replies to “Tri-Beef Wagyu Burger vs. Griddle-Smashed Burger | HIGH BROW VS LOW BROW”

  1. What is the point of this? to muddle all the flavours together so you can't enjoy any of them?
    I would much more enjoy 3 sliders with each type of beef separate so I could enjoy each of them showcasing their flavours separately.

  2. Jarobi♥A Tribe Called Quest…YEAH BABY!! Burgers are easy to make and awesome to eat because it takes little to no effort. If you mess up cooking a burger, you simply can't cook.

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