“Try” by Blue Rodeo – Cover by Elyse Saunders for Indigal 2017

Please visit http://www.indigal.ca to receive your copy of “Canadiana” – the two volume cover of Canadian songs celebrating Canada150 in support of Humber River Hospital Foundation in Toronto.
Indigal is the “Female Independent Artist Collective” – we produce albums for charity. In 2015 we recorded a contemporary Christmas album “Noel” and raised over 10,000 for the Humber River Hospital Foundation.

We are proud of our Canadian heritage and the amazing Canadian musicians that have bombarded the international stage with their talents– from Blue Rodeo and The Guess Who, to Brice Cockburn, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Tom Cochrane, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morissette, Jann Arden, Sarah McLachlan, Kathleen Edwards, Joni Mitchell, Nickelback, Justin Beiber! We have covered them all and more in this amazing 2 volume 19 song album with a bonus track from JONI MITCHELL!

Please check us out at http://indigal.ca and donate generously.

Copyright Indigal 2017 – all rights reserved.
Blue Rodeo- TRY


Canadian country music #news #videos – “Try” by Blue Rodeo – Cover by Elyse Saunders for Indigal 2017 #Canadian #Countrymusic #Songs

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